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Marble Surface

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This year the traditional Academic Challenge of Colégio Múltiplo is being organized by High School students.

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The challenge:

Each kg of will be worth:

     Glass 1 pt.

     Metal 2 pts.

     Plastic 3 pts.

     Paper 4 pts.

Let's recycle?


High school students prepared an interesting video about recycling.

They created the questions, the videos and the result you can already check!

Participate by taking your recyclable materials to school, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm.

Some pictures of Reciclamp people!


Reciclamp is a Company of four Cooperatives that operates in Campinas providing selective collection, sorting and correct disposal of recyclable materials.

The Nossa Senhora Aparecida Cooperative - Reciclar Project is also celebrating 20 years and is one of the Reciclamp Cooperatives, with 40 members.

Did You Know?

In 2019, Reciclamp and its associates destined for recycling more than 3,322 tons of recyclable materials.


Do you know what all this material means in saving natural resources?


- 35 thousand trees saved with the recycling of paper;


- 5.4 thousand liters of oil saved with plastic recycling;

- 1.8 thousand tons of ores and sand saved with the recycling of metal and glass.